Tuesday, July 03, 2007

small pieces, loosely joined

Cranking like crazy to get things in order for the move so that's why I've been maintaining blog silence, although a couple things have happened in the last few days to which I want to bring some attention:

Evergreen was at ALA, with flat-out terrific attendance. Incredibly encouraging, and the slides are a must-view -- I was particularly struck by the patron reactions to having a union catalog -- something we're very familiar with here in Ohio, natch, but it's never a bad thing when (especially) rural patrons can borrow materials from nearly any location in the state hassle-free.

Amanda at Mac has posted her postmortem of their Learning 2.0 jaunt with some great observations about the planning and administration of such an audacious project.

Here's hoping it won't be so long 'til the next update.

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