Sunday, February 25, 2007

What if you gave a workshop...

And nobody came?

So, as I've mentioned before I've got a workshop coming up at ODCE, on electronic bibliographic management. Actually the title of it is "Options in Electronic Bibliographic Management" and maybe that title was a bit dry, because I got a phone call from one of the conference organizers last week. She told me, somewhat apologetically, that a grand total of one person signed up for my workshop. They've apparently had a low turnout this year -- the most popular workshop has drawn in a total of ten people -- probably the web 2.0 one -- and would I like to cancel the workshop due to low attendance?

No way, I said - this is fantastic. I *want* to show up. My own personal philosophy has been I'll show up anywhere even if there's only one interested party and hey, here we go. So I got the contact information for my one attendee, thanked them for signing up, and asked them what I could do to make it more appropriate to their situation. So hopefully I'll end up with a very focused workshop and one satisfied workshop attendee. We'll see.

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