Thursday, February 01, 2007

This is the day, and this is the hour

What a time to be a librarian!

First off I found out that I'm not dooming myself by moving from sysadmining to librarianship -- not too worried about that, but hey -- and I wake up this morning to find multiple references to something pretty damn exciting, and written in Ruby on Rails to boot.

oss4lib sez:

"In a nutshell, LibraryFind is metasearch software developed in Ruby on Rails, and released under the GNU General Public License. It does both federated and local search, provides the ability to harvest metadata collections into a local index, provides an integrated OpenURL resolver to allow for linking to full-text resources, and allows for the ability to customize the user interface (or even to build new user interfaces!)."

Oregon State's got a demo here.

This is pushing all my buttons. I'm at the ref desk currently and I've got to prep for class later today, so I can't really mess with Libraryfind in the way that I'd like to, but once I get some free time I'll be swinging away at it.

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Robert Humphries said...


In the depths of boredom, I was googling some old friends and thought of my good friend John "Adder" Fink, whom I suspect you might be. If that's who you are, I hope all is well with you. I am living in Spring Green, Wisconsin with my wife Jena and daughter Rhiannon.

I have a blog, but I write it in Welsh.

I'd love to get in touch.



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