Sunday, May 31, 2009

brief lessons from Montreal:

This really deserves a way bigger post, but I'm very very (very) tired; consequently, let me present some brief lessons from my time at etigcamp in Montreal:

1) 1% of librarians are indifferent, 1% of librarians are actively evil, and 98% of librarians are made of PURE BADASSERY and general awesomeness and were entirely represented at etigcamp.
2) The language thing bugs me more than perhaps it should. I feel bad when I can't communicate.
3) Roller derby is a lot like cricket until you get the hang of what the rules are.
3a) Pabst Blue Ribbon helps with roller derby rule comprehension.
4) I will endure any amount of angry pedestrians and cab drivers yelling at me in French for my poor driving and/or navigating if bagels eventually result.
5) The world needs many, many, many more etigcamps.
6) man, am I sleepy.

My presentation at etigcamp is up here: warning though, it's very unlike my previous presentations in that it's image heavy, verbiage light. If you want me to explain some slides, let me know.


Jessamyn said...

oh my god I had the best bagel of this century in Montreal this weekend.

Graham Lavender said...

I certainly agree about the PBR and understanding roller derby. I hope you can come back to Montreal for more bagels and emerging technology soon!

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